Sewing Machine


I have loved needlecraft since I was a little girl. I have drifted from one discipline to another over the years, slowly learning new skills and becoming hooked on them before moving on to the next. If I think back, I have probably tried just about every needlecraft possible but there are some favourites I always seem to return to.

Patchwork was my passion for a number of years and I think that this particular craft started my obsession with collecting fabrics. My stash is small in comparison to many I have seen online, but I love it dearly and almost begrudge using any of the really pretty fabrics. Perhaps this is why my current love affair with applique is so consuming! I can use very small amounts of my lovely stash to paint my pictures against a more neutral background.

As if the applique wasn't enough, I have also been able to enhance it with free motion machine embroidery. I never considered myself to be much of an artist but I find that when 'painting' with my sewing machine, I am blissfully happy.

As you can imagine, working full time as a management accountant can be stressful and tiring but producing my little works of art on evenings and weekends is the perfect antidote.